“How i managed during the earthquake”-Klajdi Qato

Fax Newspaper

December 3, 2019 00:43 AM

On Earth Day, November 26, 2019, Top Story traveled to the most affected places, including the Kavaja area. Kavaja Rock, the 8-storey Vila Palma Hotel is flattened by the foundations. Emergency teams have recovered 85-year-old Sadik Qato, the father of the hotel’s owner, from the dead. There, there are hundreds of citizens following the rescue operation. From inside the rubble, someone was giving life signals. Claude Qato, the owner’s 25-year-old son, had called for help. It was a moment of joy and hope. “When I fell I realized I was fine, I had a hope in myself that I would succeed. At the first moment I fell, I continued to remove the inertia near myself, to open as much air as possible and everything went well. For hours and hours, Albanian firefighters dug through the inertia. Everything was done at a slow pace to avoid further collapsing platforms that could seriously endanger the young man’s life. “Then they came to some extent to get close to me, then came the Greek team who were great. I never believed I could get out of there without them, ”says Claydi Qato Physical contact with her was a very important moment. But it still took hours to get it out safely. Clyde’s psychological state only worsened with time.

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