FAX GAZETTE ,SUNDAY, 13 MAY 2019, 22:20

Dash- The moon does not go well with Pluto in your skies and the atmosphere you live with what’s in your heart. Dissatisfaction tends to prevail. Do not doubt what you feel about your partner since the first fights you have with him.

Demi- You face an important election, stand up for the choices made before, and do not give up on your autonomy. Do not allow a family member to hinder you. You will get to engage in your own initiatives by touching the right emotional points.

Twins – Mars and Venus support you. Love will continue to have a very important role in your life and thoughts. You will also experience the sweet side. Your visit, though short, will enjoy a family member or a relative. You will feel satisfied.

Crab – You need to spend quiet moments. Take tactless people who are not very positive, who get you through, and smile for life. The moon makes you try to choose a problem among friends, but you will not be simple.

Lions- With Uranus, Saturn and Pluto collaborators, sentimental perspectives are good. You can start a passion story, which can turn into a lasting connection. Maybe in love you are not ready yet to take the major step, but surely that way you are.

Virgo-With Uranus, it is not the case to battle against windmills. So do not recall that you can change the world! As usual, above all for work matters, react by relying on determination and accuracy.

Libra- Today the stars are not very good. You will be concerned about professional issues, which will prove to be problematic! At work do not worry too much, stay calm and show your skills at the right moment.

Scorpio- In the family you will have some objections caused by different angles. Do not be upset: Variety is always something positive that needs to be exploited to rise. Thanks to colleagues you stand by giving you good ideas and opportunities.

Sagittarius- For merit of Saturn’s position regarding the moon and the sun, you will face the spirit of adaptation with a sudden change of program. With a good push you will realize your projects by overcoming the obstacles.

Capricorn Under Pluto’s oversight, today’s stubbornness of your character will be highlighted. Perhaps the old family rumors can be restored. Hurry up can make you make mistakes. So before doing so, think well of what you are going to do.

Aquarius – Try not to have unlimited trust in your resources and try to be more objective if you do not want to face disillusionment. Take care of your health. Do physical activity and outdoor walks, though it is a cool season.

Pisces- Have the best reasons to help a family member overcome difficulties and uncertainties. In return you will receive many sincere gratitude. With Jupiter on the mark, you will have the open road to having cultural activities.